Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rush and Coulter Make Three...

What you don't know is that the environment, in this case, is being used by the Obama administration in an attempt to gain control of the US population. The brownshirts, as I said, under Hitler, were used to intimidate Germans who opposed Hitler. My fear is that Obama will be using the greenshirts, these street agitators, in order to control the police and the people. (Michael Savage - The Savage Nation)
I'm posting this audio stream of right-wing radio talk show host Michael Weiner, aka Michael Savage, not for the reason others have posted it (to show what destructive, raving lunatics the spokespersons for the radical right-wing of the Republican party can be) but rather to show the worst of what responsible citizens are up against in attempting to be part of the green revolution.

The title for this post comes from efgoldman commenting on the March 14th Obsidian Wings thread titled Almost Like The Nazis, Except For, Well, Everything ... In it, my favorite blogger, hilzoy, skewers Michael Savage as only she is able.
"But if Obama did create a private army under Van Jones, despite his having given no indication whatsoever of doing this, and despite Van Jones' job not having any such powers, and if the courts and the Congress somehow acquiesced in this flagrant illegality, that would be pretty awful! And if, in addition, he started a global war of aggression, opened concentration camps, and committed genocide, then he'd "have almost the same exact policies as the Nazi Party did."

Likewise, if Michael Savage were to take over the US, send its urban population to do forced labor on collective farms, confiscate private property, abolish money, and create a massive famine that killed at least one eighth of the population, he'd be a lot like Pol Pot. And if he had wheels, he'd be a trolleycar.

Obama possibly being a Nazi, Michael Savage possibly being Pol Pot, the horrifying specter of human/trolleycar hybrids: it's a scary, scary world we live in!

Or, you know, maybe not."
As I said, I'm posting this here at Metro Green tonight just to give you an idea of the level, content and sheer stupidity of the resistance. It's a wake-up call for those whose efforts and intentions lean toward (or those who have already embraced) the 21st Century notion that sustainability - and all it entails, "inconvenient" though it may be - is quite likely the only route to long-term survivability here on planet earth.

So be warned: there are those out there who will dispute and repudiate you in the vilest terms... and some of them - the ones with the biggest mouths and most rabid fans - are (as you can see from this clip) quite wholly out of their minds.

Or, as Awesom0 commented at ObWi: " Oh the stupid, it BURNS!"


  1. This is a disgusting excuse for a human being. We just had a president who trashed our constitution, created torture camps around the world, and had a grandfather, Prescott Bush, supported Hitler and tried to overthrow Roosevelt. George Bush used an attack like the Nazi party to invade Iraq. I think this insane man cannot find anything to substantiate his accusations unlike the facts about the Neocons Bush/Cheney.

  2. Agreed, Thomas. Michael Savage can be as bombastic, repugnant and over the top as any of the loudmouth GOP claquers. And it disturbs me no end having to invoke Godwin's Law so early in an otherwise civilized discussion. Having listened to The Savage Nation more often than was warranted, I find myself aghast having to acknowledge that this man has an audience of both followers and believers.

    The Savage Nation Kool Aid gulpers out there in the heartland appear to be a strangely - and intensely - brainwashed bunch. Even more so than the Ditto-heads.