Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Easy Answers

An excellent new blog from Marketplace Update called Easy Answers written by Adriene Hill.

The link above will direct you to her most recent post about the BP Gulf Oil Spill. She's a thoughtful and provocative writer and a seasoned and curious reporter. Check out her new blog... and make it easy on yourself to get some of the answers you may have been after.

Here's a summary of the blog and a bit about its author:

About Easy Answers

Life is complicated — especially if you want to live right and make clear, thoughtful choices. Paper or plastic? Carbon Footprint? Do they really recycle Styrofoam?

Marketplace’s Easy Answers is your definitive source, your last word, your conundrum un-conunned--and in a nutshell. Check in everyday for an easy answer to life’s tough questions about the environment and sustainability.

Ask us about:

* The latest news and headlines
* Perplexing personal decisions
* Tough choices
* Big things
* Small things
* Green things
* Yellow, red or blue things

Don’t see your question here? Ask us yourself. Know something more? Leave a comment and share your knowledge.

About the author, Adriene Hill

I'm Marketplace's new multimedia sustainability reporter. I'm not a climate scientist, environmental activist, global warming denialist, or profiteering capitalist. I'm a reporter driven by curiosity to figure out how things work and can work better. I’m not lazy, per se, but I do like my answers easy.


  1. Can't stand BP or the giant oil companies!

  2. Don't know exactly about this oil company. Can anyone help? Petter Joe

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