Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bill Gross: Ideas for Harnassing Energy

Here's "boy genius" Bill Gross, founder and CEO of Idealab. This is a somewhat older video (from his notable 2003 TED presentation) but it's an idea whose time may very well be at hand.

His creation of a solar energy collector/concentrator competes with - and may challenge the dominance of - the Photovoltaic micro-solar panel. The video is roughly 21 minutes... but well worth it if for nothing more than his "ingenuberance" (a portmanteau for ingenuity + exuberance).

Perfecting the device he demos here (or one like it) may solve many of the energy concentration/storage space/efficiency issues still plaguing battery-dependent photovoltaics for sustainability. It may also reduce or eliminate the need for a back up diesel system to satisfy peak load demand.

UPDATE: eSolar appears to be putting Bill Gross' innovations to work.

And look who noticed.

More interesting ideas from Bill Gross. This essay, from January 30, 2009, discusses proportional-use pricing for electricity.

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  1. Bill Gross is amazing. Its a great video and he seems to get better with age.

    his company is www.energyinnovations.com and it will be interesting to follow and see what they come up with.