Thursday, February 26, 2009

In reality...

there's no such thing as "Clean Coal"
(as only the Coen brothers can say it):

And of course, the classic, "Smudge:"

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Since I'm not, nor do I pretend to be, an expert on coal technology, it seems only proper that I offer this link to "What is Clean Coal?" a Wise Geek article explaining the concept of "clean coal technology" such as it is or may be. Do pay a visit if the subject interests you.

As for me, I suspect there are numerous ways to make coal plants cleaner and more efficient, but I'd much prefer to see the effort and investment applied to renewable energy rather than trying to retrofit an industry based on non-renewable fossil fuels. It just makes more sense in the long run.


UPDATE: Behind the scenes on the video shoot and what to look forward to from the Coen Brothers and the "Clean Coal Clean!" campaign:

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  1. Update: Email sent to me from Reality Coalition:

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    Dear T Pollock,

    The coal industry is about to take their cynical PR effort to new heights, with a $20 million online media blitz for "shaping public attitudes" on coal.

    You know what that means -- a whole lot more misleading statements and cynical talk about progress to make people think coal is "ok," while the industry lobbies behind the scenes to limit regulations and slow advancements on truly clean energy.

    Their misinformation effort won't help repower America with clean electricity. We need to be ready to respond. You can help take the coal industry to task for any misleading claims, just by staying in touch with Reality:

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    We'll keep our eye on the coal industry. When they make a claim that could use a dose of Reality, we'll use the Blog and Twitter to let you know how you can help mobilize a response. This is a fast way to get the word out, and lets you chose how you'll receive these updates.

    As more and more people learn the Reality about coal, the coal industry goes further and further to keep burning dirty coal -- to maintain their record profits and protect the status quo.

    For too long, their misleading PR campaigns have gone unanswered. Today, the stakes are too high to give the coal industry a free pass as they aggressively stall on much needed action.

    Help hold the industry accountable for their claims: Subscribe to the Reality blog RSS feed and follow Reality on Twitter.


    Brian Hardwick

    Reality Coalition

    P.S. -- If you see or hear about any misleading statements out there, don't forget to give us a heads up so we can spread the word.